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Reclaimed. Reused. Reborn.

Handcrafted statement pieces - made in Maine. 

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This is furniture with a story to tell.

Console Table Up Close

A renewed purpose.

Every piece of our hand crafted wood and metal furniture is ingrained with passion, patience and a deep sense of the past.

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A purpose for everything.



We salvage wood from old barns, backyard sheds or granddad’s workshop. This long forgotten lumber infused with time and character is lovingly given a second life. 

All of our products are made from reclaimed wood, which means no two pieces are alike. The knots, the markings, the flaws and coloring all give the wood its character and personality. 



We do our best not to waste anything,
and re-purpose all that we can -

We hate waste. It’s why we reclaim and reuse wood in the first place. But we also use any off-cuts to create patchwork pieces, which have a distinctive beauty of their own.



We pair the wood with crafted steel legs or antique hardware and finishes. 

Occasionally we mix old wood with new. But rest assured, nothing you get from us will be cookie cutter or mass-produced. 


Long forgotten lumber infused with time and character,
is lovingly given a second life

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from our customers:

"Patrick created a beautiful table from an old piece of scaffolding we salvaged from our barn. He was fast and thorough and did good work."

Kathryn Buxton

"We love our coffee table with reclaimed pine and cedar! 
And the sturdy steel legs!
Can't wait to get more furniture from here!! Thanks!"

Denise Ford Del Rossi

"Patrick made several pieces for us for our beach house in Maine!
Coffee table, accent table, desk love his work....perfect fit!
Great work, great guy!"

Gail McLaughlin Toti

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Expect to buy something of substance
that will last for years and become part of your own story.

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